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Time to Reboot Your EHS Program?

How Dynamic is Your EHS Program?

The beginning of the year is a great time to roll out your EHS program, but most industrial business entrepreneurs believe they already have an EHS program.  The question is, Is your EHS program dynamic, proactive, and current?  An EHS program must be dynamic to be current and compliant.  Is yours?  If you don’t or can’t answer yes to these questions, it could be time to reboot your EHS Program.

Is your EHS Program Visible?

The next question to ask is if you already have an EHS program in place, do your workers know it?  Take a short poll.  If you haven’t communicated the importance of your EHS program to your workforce, you might be missing an opportunity in boosting worker morale and production levels.  If your EHS Program isn’t visible, this year is the time to reboot your EHS program.  We have the experience and skill to help you do that.

Our Experience Directly Benefits Our Clients

Chip Duffie is the President and Founder of EHS Momentum, LLC, a full service EHS consulting and software firm.  EHS Momentum focuses on empowering small and mid-sized business to implement EHS management systems. Prior to founding EHS Momentum, Chip was Sr. Counsel in the Dallas, Texas office of Clark Hill Strasburger where he was a member of the Environmental and Regulatory Team. Chip also served as Chief Compliance Officer for Safety-Kleen and then as SVP, Compliance for Clean Harbors.

During his experiences as counsel, chief compliance officer and SVP in compliance, Chip saw problems firms faced as they took on the immense task of implementation of safety programs.  Then Chip developed software that streamlined the process so any size firm, from small to multinational could take Environmental Health and Safety to the next level in their operations.

No Long Term Contracts to Reboot Your EHS Program

You can reboot your EHS program without locking into a long term contract.  We think you will stay with us for a long time once you experience our software advantage and consultation options.  The choice will be yours, because we don’t lock you into long term contracts.  Our software is mobile, and you can use it to identify hazards, assign the fix immediately for faster resolution.  Experiencing the EHS My Momentum difference will keep our work relationship stronger than any iron clad contract will.

Reboot your EHS program to mobile access for Faster Hazard Identification.

Mobile for Faster Hazard Identification

Your management notices a problem, but by the time they are back at their desk to enter it into the system, they have other seemingly more pressing issues to address and the hazard persists.  Our software can be loaded on phones, tablets, or company intranet server, making immediate reporting of issues much easier.  Hazard resolution can be assigned on the spot with faster results.  You just saved yourself a safety violation, or worse, an injury from the hazard.

Safer Employees are More Productive.

This is a little more complicated than the heading suggests.  A 2015 University of Warwick study reported a productivity boost when workers are happy. A Tork survey confirms when workers aren’t worried about safety issues that could lead to injury or death they are happier. Safer employees are happier employees are twelve percent more productive employees.  Making sure your EHS Program is visibly dynamic, ensuring your workers know their safety matters, can improve your bottom line.  Even if you have EHS policies, it might be time to reboot your EHS program into an EHS My Momentum program.  Contact us for more information.


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