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Your Own Custom Client Service EHS Platform at No Cost to You

Powerful EHS Consultant Portal Developed by In-House People for In-House People

Your Own Client-Facing Platform

This customizable tool is built to support the way you serve your clients.

No Cost to EHS Consultants

There is no cost to you, and you get recurring revenue every month.

Real-Time Operational Visibility

Get unprecedented access to every incident, inspection and deadline.

Be Proactive and Stay Relevant

Modernize your engagement and add consistent value by always being there for your clients.

How Our EHS Consultant Portal Adds Value to Every Client Interaction

Break Out of the Audit/Checklist/Exit Cycle

Our EHS Consultant Portal is designed to revolutionize how you interact with your clients, offering a dynamic and proactive approach to environmental, health, and safety management. Here’s how our portal can transform your EHS consulting practice:

Daily Engagement

Stay connected with your clients’ operations daily without the need for constant onsite visits. Our portal enables you to check in and provide guidance from anywhere, right from your phone. This consistent interaction helps you stay informed about your clients’ ongoing activities and EHS needs, facilitating timely advice and support.

Provide daily engagement with our EHS consulting platform
Benefits of an EHS consultant portal

Move Beyond Traditional Audits

Transition away from the traditional, costly audit cycles that often result in reactive measures. Our innovative platform allows you to monitor and manage EHS issues in real time, encouraging a more strategic approach that focuses on preventing problems before they arise.

Reduce Reliance on Checklists

While checklists can be useful, they often don’t tell the whole story. Our portal helps you move beyond tick-box exercises to a more comprehensive understanding of your clients’ EHS practices. By integrating deeper insights and continuous feedback, you can help clients develop robust EHS strategies that are customized to their unique challenges and environments.

Reduce reliance on checklists with our EHS consultant portal

By minimizing the need for intensive, expensive audits and maximizing the use of technology for daily interactions, our portal not only saves you and your clients money but also increases the efficiency of your consulting services.

Transform Your EHS Consulting Workflow

Our unique and feature rich support tool will completely change the way you deliver high-value EHS consulting to your clients. Give them a platform that lets them drive accountability and automated program management. You get real time visibility into their operations.

Imagine managing multiple clients on the same system – their documentation, training, permits, deadlines, injuries, and inspections – all just a click away. With the MyMomentum™ Consultant Portal – that’s what you get.

With the MyMomentum™ Consultant Portal, you have an ongoing connection to your client long after the “checklist” is complete. 

This tool allows you to move beyond “site audits” and integrate your consulting support for the long term. As a licensed distributor, you manage all of your clients and treat the software as your own. 

Join the EHS Momentum Team and let MyMomentum™ take your client support and responsiveness to the next level.

EHS Consultant Portal FAQs

An EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) consultant is a professional who provides advice and guidance to organizations on matters related to environmental compliance, occupational health and safety, and risk management. They help companies develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure a safe and healthy workplace while minimizing environmental impact.

An EHS consultant portal is an online platform that allows consultants to collaborate with clients, share documents, track projects, and communicate seamlessly. It serves as a centralized hub for managing EHS-related tasks, ensuring that all relevant information is easily accessible to both the consultant and the client, streamlining the consultation process.

An EHS consultant portal offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved collaboration between consultants and clients
  • Centralized document storage and easy access to information
  • Streamlined project management and task tracking
  • Enhanced communication and transparency
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Secure data storage and sharing

These features help consultants provide better service to their clients and ensure that EHS-related projects are completed effectively and efficiently.

An EHS platform is a comprehensive software solution that helps organizations manage various aspects of their environmental, health, and safety programs. These platforms typically include tools for incident reporting, hazard identification, risk assessment, compliance management, training, and data analysis. By centralizing EHS data and processes, an EHS platform enables companies to streamline their operations, improve safety performance, and ensure compliance with regulations.


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