Are You an EHS Consultant?

Be Proactive - Leverage Operational Visibility - Stay Relevant

Your Own, Ready-to-Go Client Service Platform at No Cost to You

  • Your Own Client-Facing Platform: This customizable tool is built to support the way you serve your clients
  • No Cost to You: There is no cost to you, and you get recurring revenue every month.
  • Real-time Operational Visibility: Get unprecedented access to every incident, inspection and deadline.
  • Be Proactive and Stay Relevant: Modernize your engagement and add consistent value by always being there for your clients.
  • Break Out of Audit/Checklist/Exit Cycle: Visit your client everyday from your phone and move away from only doing expensive, intensive audits and creating reactive checklist.

Developed By In-House People For In-House People

Our unique and feature rich support tool will completely change the way your clients manage their EHS programs. Give them a platform that lets them drive accountability and automated program management. You get real time visibility into their operations. Imagine managing multiple clients on the same system – their documentation, training, permits, deadlines, injuries, and inspections – all just a click away. With the MyMomentum™ Consultant Portal – that’s what you get.

Provide programmatic support that will take your consulting business to the next level. 

Break free of the Audit-Checklist-Exit cycle. Stop being reactive and stay relevant.   

With the MyMomentum™ Consultant Portal, you have an ongoing connection to your client long after the “checklist” is complete. 

This tool allows you to move beyond “site audits” and integrate your consulting support for the long term. As a licensed distributor, you manage all of your clients and treat the software as your own. 

Join the EHS Momentum Team and let MyMomentum™ take your client support and responsiveness to the next level.