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Drive Accountability
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Drive Accountability
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Using Spreadsheets to Manage EHS? There's a Better Way
Drive Accountability
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EHS Momentum

Scalable Software Solutions and Expert EHS Program Consulting

We are EHS made easy
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EHS Made Easy

At EHS Momentum our mission is help make life easier for EHS staff. We offer a state-of-the-art EHS management system and industry-leading consulting to deliver simple, affordable, and proven environmental, health, and safety best practices to any size business.

Our MyMomentum™ safety management software platform and customized Momentum Roadmap™️ empower under-resourced safety teams with easy-to-use tools and on-demand expertise.

EHS Management Software by EHS Momentum

Discover the power of an integrated EHS management system, where cutting-edge technology meets expert-driven strategies designed to integrate safety and compliance into your daily operations. Modernize your approach to Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) standards and practices with a comprehensive solution that will drive employee accountability, automate program administration, and enhance your safety culture.








Corrective Actions Tracked

Comprehensive Safety and Compliance Solutions

We help under resourced staff work smarter to drive program visibility and operational accountability into any size business. Let us help you transform your EHS program.

A Safety Management System Should Integrate with Operations

Need to find a cost-effective way to engage your operations teams with a leading, mobile safety management platform? We can help.

MyMomentum™ is the tool that will help your existing headcount drive your safety culture forward, increase accountability and automate the administration of your compliance and safety programs.

Need help structuring an EHS program and getting organized? We can help.

Our Momentum Roadmap™ and EHS consulting services help put your safety management plan into action.

Are you an EHS Consultant that is constantly in an audit – checklist – exit cycle with clients? We can help.

Talk to us about our no cost way for you to leverage MyMomentum™ as your own client service safety program platform.


Our intuitive tool works from any device and puts your company on an operational action cadence, immediately helping to improve program effectiveness.


Flat-rate, predictable pricing, and no hidden fees. Our month-to-month subscriptions make it easy to drive improvement with no long-term contacts.


Built by EHS professionals, MyMomentum helps under-resourced staff raise accountability, reduce risk and take your program to the next level.


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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

EHS Momentum is committed to gaining clients, not customers, by empowering companies with the momentum they need to protect their employees, minimize risk and develop a culture of Environmental Health and Safety excellence.


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