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Organizational Change Management Systems for Small Businesses

Customizable Management of Change Software

Change Management?

Management of Change (MOC) is a methodical approach to implementing significant or potentially dangerous organizational changes. A formal change management process is a legal requirement for some industries and other companies do it as a best practice. The objective of a change management strategy is to ensure all affected personnel are on board with significant  business or process changes.

Does My Business Need It?

If you have safety or quality concerns at your company, then you could probably benefit from a formal management of change plan. If you want ensure all affected departments are aware of and prepared for a change, then tracking those change management requests is critical. If you are using Word docs and spreadsheets then you are drowning in paper. There is a better way and it is easier and more affordable than you think.

Your Change Management Template Builder

  • Assignable Action Items
  • Approval Workflow Tracking
  • Systematic MOC Archive
  • Add Photos and Related Forms
  • User Friendly, Easy to Adopt

The Configurable Form Change Management System

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Take Control of Your Change Management Strategy and Set Up a Change Management Process Flow
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