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What is Management of Change?

Management of Change (MOC) is a methodical approach to implementing significant or potentially dangerous organizational changes. A formal change management process is a legal requirement for some industries and other companies do it as a best practice.

The objective of a change management strategy is to ensure all affected personnel are on board with significant  business or process changes.

Management of Change Software Explained
MOC Software

Does My Business Need It?

If you have safety or quality concerns at your company, then you could probably benefit from a formal management of change plan. If you want ensure all affected departments are aware of and prepared for a change, then tracking those change management requests is critical.

If you are using Word docs and spreadsheets then you are drowning in paper. There is a better way and it is easier and more affordable than you think.

Master Change Management with Precision and Ease

Your Change Management Template Builder

Assignable Action Items

Keep every action item under control with dedicated assignments and robust tracking.

Workflow Tracking

Fast-track your change management with efficient approval workflows.

Systemic MOC Archive

Maintain an impeccable record of all changes with our systematic archiving tools.

Add Photos and Forms

Elevate your records by adding photos and forms, enriching the context and detail.

User Friendly, Easy to Adopt

Designed with the user in mind, our software boasts a clean, intuitive interface that requires minimal training. This ease of adoption accelerates user acceptance and integration into daily operations, reducing resistance and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and compliance.

FAQs Regarding Management of Change (MOC) Software

Management of change software is a digital tool designed to help organizations manage and track changes within their processes, personnel, or systems. It ensures that all modifications are implemented safely and efficiently, while maintaining compliance with relevant standards and regulations. This software facilitates clear communication, accountability, and documentation throughout the change process.

MOC process software is a specialized application that supports the Management of Change (MOC) process, ensuring that all organizational changes related to operations, equipment, or personnel are properly planned, executed, and documented. It aids in assessing risks, securing necessary approvals, and maintaining an audit trail to ensure compliance and enhance operational integrity.

A change management tool is a software or system that helps organizations plan, implement, and monitor changes in their processes, technology, or organizational structure. It aims to streamline transitions, minimize disruptions, and ensure that changes are delivered in a controlled and systematic way, promoting efficiency and reducing risks associated with change.

The management of change (MOC) program is a structured approach used by organizations to ensure that safety, health, and environmental risks are controlled when significant changes are made to processes, equipment, or personnel. This program involves a systematic process of planning, reviewing, and implementing changes to prevent unintended consequences and improve operational integrity.

The three types of Management of Change (MOC) typically include:

  1. Technical MOC: Focuses on changes in equipment, technology, or technical processes.
  2. Organizational MOC: Involves changes in personnel, staffing structures, or responsibilities.
  3. Operational MOC: Pertains to changes in operational procedures, workflows, or methodologies.

Examples of Management of Change (MOC) include:

  • Installing New Equipment: Implementation of new technology or machinery that affects existing processes.
  • Changing Chemical Substances: Substituting or introducing new chemicals in a manufacturing process.
  • Modifying Procedures: Updating or revising operational procedures or safety protocols.
  • Personnel Changes: Significant changes in staffing or shifts in key personnel roles that impact operations.
  • Regulatory Updates: Adjustments made to comply with new or amended industry regulations.

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