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Complying with New Safety Regulations

New Safety Regulations

You see it often: “Feds announce new safety measures for…workers.” The federal government regularly updates or proposes new safety regulations to expand worker safety when a risk becomes officially recognized.  It is great that protections for workers are improving.  New legislation makes it challenging for an already busy Safety Director to keep your program current and compliant.

Best Practices for New Regulations

In 2020, COVID-19 regulations and best practices dominated the worker safety scene.  In 2021, vaccine resources were added.  In 2022 we don’t know what other new safety regulations will be enforced.  There is no shortage of work to do to ensure evolving risk avoidance compliance in the workplace.  There is lots of information out there, but publications and safety training options alone don’t prevent job type hazards.  Best safety practices require all of the information is streamlined for efficient implementation and sustained use. 

There’s an App for That

There is good news. EHS Momentum has streamlined an Environmental Health and Safety Program in a mobile app that you can take with you anywhere in your plant.  We facilitate accountability with a streamlined mobile software app that you can load onto your phone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop.  Then use the mobile app to report safety risks, and order repairs immediately. 

Using an application throughout your company does more than protect your workers.  It shows OSHA and workers a culture of safety that protects your workers and boosts morale, while showing OSHA your compliancy.  Insurance sees lower risk and getting coverage becomes an easier task.

Watching Pending Safety Regulations

This is certainly not intended as legal advice.  It’s more of an FYI on new OSHA Laws and Regulations Federal Registers Publications. 

  1. There is a proposed regulation protecting workers, both outdoor and indoor, from hazardous heat.  Additional information about the extent and nature of hazardous heat at work, and the effectiveness of interventions and controls used to prevent heat related injuries and illness is sought.  As of December 3, the Comment period of the Heat Injury and Illness Prevention in Outdoor and Indoor Work Settings is extended for 30 days.  The extension is to allow additional time to collect information and data necessary for comment.
  2. There is an emergency Temporary Standard for COVID-19 vaccination and testing.  You can access more information on this topic here.
  3. OSHA announced late November the expansion of recognition for SGS North American Inc as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory.  Details on this update are here.

Heightened Need for Protection

During the holiday season, when many workers get distracted, having an active culture of safety is critical to workplace injury avoidance.  You don’t have to manage all alone, because we can offer support to any level of safety program.  If you’re feeling concerned about the organization and effectiveness of your safety program, contact us to open a no obligation conversation.  We spent years developing a workable system for the industry, and we think we can save costs and grief by getting you into an easier system soon.