What is EHS?

What is EHS? Unraveling the 7 Essentials of Environment, Health, and Safety

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies face many challenges regarding ensuring the well-being of their employees, the public, and the environment. This is where EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) comes into play. But what is EHS? EHS is a critical function within organizations that focuses on identifying, assessing, and controlling risks and hazards associated …

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Establishing Key EHS Metrics – EHS Best Practices

An astounding number of companies fail to integrate consistent EHS practices into their operations. As a result, often find themselves scrambling to comply with an agency request, customer RFP or even a plaintiff’s demand.  Establishing and tracking actionable metrics for EHS success is an area of challenge for many companies. As the Peter Drucker quote highlights, knowing what is important and how to measure it, is the key to improvement. As another year ends, it brings home the need for accurately measuring their EHS programs.  While that sounds easy in principle, many companies lack the program visibility to effectively leverage metrics in their daily operations.  Establishing key EHS Metrics is critical to measuring and improving their program.

EHS Program Governance For Companies With Limited Resources

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